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HVLIUB was founded in 2012 with two friends (Mike and Pedro) and a simple idea to raise money and awareness, not knowing how large an idea can spread. The idea was to pick a school or an organization that worked to better the lives of those diagnosed with Autism, to be able to give them equal opportunities in everything possible.  

In 2017, HVLIUB became a 501 (c)(3) non-profit fund under the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan. 

To date, HVLIUB has raised over $90,000 to local organizations and continues to give 100% of donations received.  

HVLIUB Donor Recipients:

2012: Anderson Center for Autism

2013: Inspire 

2014: Zylofone

2015: Center for Spectrum Services 

2016: Jay & Carol Anthony Foundation for Autism Support

2017: Beautiful People, Miracle League 

2018: Autism Move-a-Thon, Parents' Run AMOC 

2019: JFS Kids Connect 

2022: Gifted Children


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